Who are we?

First, do you really care?  Of course not.

And if you did.. this is the internets! - do you seriously think we're going to tell you?

The camera always winds up telling more than you want to reveal, about yourself and others. 

Through that lens, we find the cracked, beautiful places in others and in the world.

That's who we are. 

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Suggested Books

You don't want more links to photograph books.  Just bang google.com or amazon.com for that.

 What you want are books about life because if you get that right, you see everything else through an informed lens.

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude
    by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Exactly. You may suffer getting through this book since it has a lot of dreamlike imagery, but hang on to the end. It has the best summary of life/love in the ending pages that have existed anywhere.

  • Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction)
    by Wallace Stegner

    Another book that is a struggle to get through.  You're thinking, as you're reading... what in the world is the point of this book?  By the end, you understand why you had to read all those pages.  A subtle, stunning ending that anyone should read before they hit 40.