Who are we?

First, do you really care?  Of course not.

And if you did.. this is the internets! - do you seriously think we're going to tell you?

The camera always winds up telling more than you want to reveal, about yourself and others. 

Through that lens, we find the cracked, beautiful places in others and in the world.

That's who we are. 

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Hey, look, another blog!

I have another blog - Perfume Posse - that's where I talk about perfume and life.  I have a business, too, Surrender to Chance, which is where I sell perfume samples and decants to pay for all my OCD hobbies.

 I'll probably talk about my pictures here... every now and then.  Or maybe not.

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Reader Comments (9)

great that you took up the camera again. I think it will be very rewarding, and really good too for getting images for PP without all those copyright restrictions! I had started to do that myself last year, but I am not really a photographer, so it's catch as catch can. It seems you can capture what you like -- I love the reflections in the glass building.

April 29, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLucy

The world of perfumery is new to me.The additions are so well-written that I feel like a Neandertal comparatively, sic. My typos reveal my crudenesses from a scent-deprived life. I knew I was a different straight man who has always loved perfume. I purchase "Womens" perfumes, ie last Feb Euphoria, 3.4 perfume spray. I first found it in a magazine foldover. I tried the mens equivalent and it is just not the same. The blog entries of the Perfume Posse are challenging to understand but I am immersingmyself in them to get aclimatted. Sorta like traveling to Basel to attend that watch major event, I could not attend so I purchased the DVD. I am an amateur watchmaker and am,retired at age 57, getting ready to attend in residence one of watchmaking schools in the US. Fragences stimulate me. When I conjure up pleasant memories from my childhood of over-the-counter scents, I am not alone in Boomerland. I learned the girls and their mothers' scents by "slow dancing" with my puppy loves. The mens strong scents followed the TV marketing of the day and these included English Leather, British Sterling (early Bond Fans such as me and maybe thee?),Canoe (and me and my contemporares argued how to pronounce it...Can o nay,..or "canoe...Can Knew....like the pointy water craft,...or such like) and the older brother at age 15 knew all the right anwers to the questions of we 12 year-olds! We were getting all gussied up for Rec Night at our K-8! Well, distant memories are being revisited when I watch Commando Cody, serialized faves then on TV instead of a weekly edition at the movie theater. Other scents fondly remembered include Brut, Hai Karate, Mennens, Old Spice. The most sophisticated "foreign" was "Florida Water"(which purchased from our old fashioned barber.My favorite lately include ladie's euphoria, by Calvin Klein... Along the way, I have developed attractions such as Obession, Halston Z-14, Mambo,and many others. I visited a perfume decanting indivualized parfum store back in med school and I admired the mating of art and science, including sterile pipettes. So, I will try my best to learn to trot with the quarter horses all the while knowing that I am a Clysdale or more commonly a Morgan. thanks if you read this and reply, I will check soon. Viking

December 4, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterviking

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April 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBelstaff Jacke

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